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How To Fly Cheap

Tips on booking flights Which day of the week is the best day to buy airline tickets? For both U.S. domestic and international travel, Sundays can be cheaper* for plane ticket purchases. For domestic flights, Mondays showed the highest average ticket prices and for international, avoid booking on Fridays. Booking on the right day of […]

Traveling For Free

THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO TRAVELING WHEN YOU HAVE NO MONEY At whatever point I ask perusers what the main thing keeping them away from voyaging is I quite often find a similar solution: Money. This is something I hear from everybody I talk to:ย “Matt, I essentially need more cash to travel.”

Free Travel: How to Get “All Expenses Paid” Vacations

Turn the tables on travel agencies. Instead of paying them for your vacation, get them to pay it for you! As a group travel organizer, you can travel the world for free! You can travel the world for free by becoming an “Outside Agent” or “Group Travel Organizer” for travel agencies. Travel agencies usually have […]

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